Well-qualified legal advises and legal
representative of your interests in Russia:
Kaliningrad, Moscow, other regions.

I take the most complex cases and achieve positive results for my clients.
Corporate & business disputes, real estate disputes, bankrupcy, taxes, customs (Kaliningrad \ Russia)
Civil law, family law, inheritance disputes, land relations etc. All of the most disputed category of cases - our specialty.

Finding solutions. Resolving problems. Helping clients achieve goals. Legally. Professionally.

I apply all the knowledge, experience and effort to successfully resolve your issue.
My main specialize is litigation. Legal representation of individuals and organizations in the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts.
Prepare competent lawsuit, protection your interests in court, the complaint to a higher court, protection your interests in court - we can.
Our lawyers and professionals also provide legal assistance in real property, get necessary permits, legitimizing buildings. Drafting documents (contracts, instructions, applications, etc.). Legal assistance in opening your business in Kaliningrad region.